Precious and useful, Ivory became very quickly amongst the most sought after materials in ancient Egypt. It embodied both wealth and status from the earliest periods of Egyptian history and throughout. Inspired by its varied uses and key importance in Ancient Egypt, and its location set atop a hill in NEWGIZA, IVORY HILL came to be what it is today; A neighborhood that embodies the same attributes as ivory itself: Great versatility, class and exquisiteness. This neighborhood is home to key landmarks, beautiful landscapes and state-of-the-art residences. 

Nestled atop the highest point of NEWGIZA with stunning landscapes and aesthetically pleasing architecture, this neighborhood is defined by its refined sense of exquisiteness and class. Street layouts are organic throughout the neighborhood with its Townhomes, Park Villas, and Golf Mansions, all of which overlook the Golf Course, and enjoy access to the renowned Golf Clubhouse.

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IVORYHILL Fairway Villa

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