The Pharaohs were famous for carving Jasper in sacred scarabs which symbolized eternal life and were commonly used as protective charms. Jasper remained present in all Egyptian dynasties and played a central role in the protection of people. Despite being readily available on the same ground that now serves as NEWGIZA’s terrain, Jasper remained very valued and respected for its powers as a crystal. Today we bring to you JASPERHILL, a neighborhood that embodies much of what Jasper stood for: value, versatility and charm.  

Introducing NEWGIZA’s latest apartments with a modern twist and exclusive neighborhood, JASPERHILL will attract those with a love for the contemporary. The small number of apartment buildings that make up this neighborhood, makes it quite the cozy spot. There is a large variety of different sized units available, all of which have modern designs, golf views and convenient space planning, whether it is a duplex or a studio.