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From casual dining options, to signature bars and gourmet eateries, NEWGIZA provides a one of a kind culinary experience that is truly complete. The finest in local and international cuisines come together in a medley of venues that cater to different ages and lifestyles, promising a new experience every outing. With outlets serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, at any time of the day, you can rest assured that you can find a place where you can satiate your hunger, quench your thirst, and have a fantastic time.

Leveraging on its open spaces, uneven topography and different destinations, NEWGIZA takes dining out to a new level, promising equal pleasure from the food itself as well as the surrounding ambiance. Indulge in mixed grills with views overlooking the city, breakfasts amidst manicured gardens or a lunch where you can watch your children enjoy themselves in a nearby playground. Whatever your mood and needs, at NEWGIZA, you’ll find the eatery that fits both perfectly.

Cairo’s intensely popular Andrea, has relocated from Marioutteya to one of NEWGIZA’s cliffs overlooking the city and an incredible landscape, bringing with it its renown heritage of atmosphere and succulent Middle Eastern cuisine. Andrea is now open and catering to fine diners.